Frequently Asked Questions

  • Increased access to physician
  • Extended appointments
  • Customized in depth care plans to address the whole child
  • No wait or minimal wait times
  • Decreased visits to urgent and emergent departments
  • Home visits
  • Procedure and vaccine comfort packages
  • Fourth trimester packages

If your child is well, we follow the AAP well check guidelines and see your child per their schedule. You may also need to come in more frequently for a weight check or lactation visit. If you sign up for the “fourth trimester package” your child will be seen monthly or bimonthly in your home. If your child is sick, they should be seen by a pediatrician. You will have the opportunity to text, call, or email Dr. G to see how your child’s condition can be addressed either in person or virtually. 

At Blue Monarch Pediatrics, we offer a whole child approach and provide more than just a once a year well check. We offer wellness plans to keep your child healthy which incorporate exercise, nutrition, and overall well-being. We help establish routines to support sleep hygiene and optimal health. We also offer behavioral, mental health, sleep, and developmental improvement plans. We understand children will be children and a membership gives parents a peace of mind so that if they need anything (such as stitches or testing), we are here for you when you need it. 

As a member you will have access to contact a physician when you need to.  For all urgent needs, your text will be answered same day. For overnight non-emergencies and non-urgencies, you will receive a response in the morning. You may schedule appointments or a meet and greet online or call/text/email for an appointment.



When you have a concern about your child, you should text/email/call us during day hours 7am-10pm. If you have an urgent matter after hours, please call Dr. G directly; for non-urgent after hours, you can text/email and we will get back to you in the morning. 

We care for patients from newborn (typically 3-5 days after birth) to 19 years old.


  1. We provide optimal care for your child; our pediatrician is a board-certified pediatrician who is up to date on the latest pediatric research.
  2. We monitor health, including mental health, development, and wellness. We have multiple plans that help to address many concerns in these areas.
  3. We provide preventive care. We help to prevent disease, by utilizing a whole child approach and evidence based pediatric integrative medicine.
  4. We are here to guide parents with custom parenting plans and resources to help them in raising their best child.
  5. We help comfort children while diagnosing and treating effectively and optimally. Procedures and vaccines come with a “comfort package” for all members.



Well checks are preventative visits with your child. We will monitor development and growth at each visit. Vaccines will be given. This is also a perfect time to raise any concerns you may have about your child (including but not limited to potty training, behavior, discipline, healthy eating, and speech). 

Yes, Dr. Gonzalez will give vaccines to your child at home or in the clinic depending on your preference and membership.  We have a “vaccine comfort package” that is included with all memberships. The package is design to create a positive, comforting experience for each child. We work through a 3rd party vendor that allows us to accept most insurance companies for vaccines. Cash pay vaccines are also available. 


We accept credit card, debit card or direct bank withdrawal monthly payments. For one-time visits or one-time procedures, we also except cash or Venmo. 



Blue Monarch Pediatrics is considered an out of network provider and does not participate in insurance plans. Your membership is FSA eligible. 




While not required for membership, we strongly recommend families to have insurance coverage. Your membership is not a substitute for your insurance. Hospital bills, laboratory testing, imaging, and medications can be a burden. You may choose to switch to a different insurance plan (lower premiums) or a healthshare plan. Please discuss options with your insurance company for guidance. We recommend a PPO plan to help with specialist referrals. 




As a member you will have access to your physician 24/7. Your physician will be available via text/call/email if your child is sick. If there is an urgent matter you should call Dr.G’s cell phone immediately. 





Yes, we currently have availability in our practice. However, space is limited to provide personalized care. If we are at our monthly or yearly limit, families will be on a waitlist and notified when a spot is available.

Given the unique model of Blue Monarch Pediatrics, you can schedule your appointment the same week or most times even the same day for well checks. Please check the well child visit schedule here

If you need to cancel or change your appointment or if something comes up last minute, we request that you text/email/call Dr. G to let her know. You will be reminded of your appointment the day before. If you forget about your appointment, please call and re-schedule. 

Yes, your child will see the same physician. The only exception will be if your physician is sick or on vacation. In those cases, you may see another physician on call.

You will fill out a form to request your child’s records from your child’s previous pediatrician. You will have access to your child’s Blue Monarch Pediatrics medical records through the patient portal. 


If your child will be accompanied by someone other than the parents/guardians listed on the registration form, you will need to fill out an authorization form. Anyone on this form is authorized to bring your child in for a visit. Can be filled out online. 





To ensure a membership for your child, schedule a meet and greet now to reserve your birth month. We also offer a prenatal visit in our fourth trimester package which will occur in your home or clinic (your preference) prior to delivery. 



Yes, we offer same day or next day visits. 




Yes, as a member you will have Dr. G’s cellphone number to call/text her directly. She will then be able to give advice over the phone if appropriate or have you come into the clinic. 

There is no wait time or very minimal wait time for your visit. You will be the only one in the office during your appointment as they are scheduled to be spaced out in advance. 

Yes, your membership can be canceled at any time provided a 30 -day notice is given. However, there is an initial commitment (12 months ) required when first joining the practice, as we feel the amount of time is optimal to learn about your child and to develop the appropriate plan of care.

First schedule a meet and greet appointment, after your meeting you will be able to apply for a membership.

Yes, in fact we have many different tools we use to help facilitate a comfortable environment in clinic during procedures and exams. If your child needs care in the comfort of their own home, that is also an option we provide. 

No, there is no hospital or group affiliation. 



If your child needs to be admitted to the hospital Dr. G will speak directly with the physicians at the hospital to help facilitate a smooth continuation of care. While hospitalized, she will work with your child’s pediatric hospitalist to ensure proper follow up in clinic once your child is home.