The Importance of Regularly Visiting a Pediatrician in Texas

A popular Whitney Houston song once said, “I believe the children are our future”;  and we think she couldn’t have been more right. We believe that a child is full of potential, which is why they deserve to get the best healthcare as they grow up. This is where pediatricians jump in. Just like parents, these doctors play an active role in a child’s healthy growth and development.

When to Visit a Pediatrician?

Pediatricians spring into action the moment a child is born into this world and would usually span until they reach 18 years old. A regular visit to your child’s pediatrician for a check-up is highly recommended, especially during their first few weeks.

If you are a first-time parent, it may leave you feeling clueless about how regular or frequent a visit to the pediatrician should be. For instance, should it be on a weekly basis? Monthly? Or yearly? Don’t fret though! It’s normal, and that’s what we’re here for. We care about your child just as much as you do.

A trip to a pediatrician’s clinic may be very frequent especially if your child is very young or has a health complication that needs extra monitoring or attention; as they grow older though, it may be reduced to an annual visit.

To help clear the air for your mind, we have rounded up the most top reasons to visit a pediatrician below.

Newborn Check-Up

Now that your little bundle of joy is out and about, they need all the protection they can get as they work on growing and stabilizing their immune system, which is considered to be extra fragile at such a state. That is why a newborn check-up should be included in your health care checklist for your little one. A pediatrician may take at least an hour to assess your newborn’s well-being. This usually takes place as early as the first week, and from there, the doctor will evaluate your baby’s health and wellness, and determine if there are any health complications that may need an immediate course of action.

Vaccinations and Immunizations

As your baby’s immune system is still developing and strengthening itself, getting a vaccinations can help protect them from various diseases. It begins from as early as childbirth up until they are over a year old. You can discuss with your pediatrician any questions or concerns you have with immunizations during your appointment.

Nutrition and Diet

A pediatrician also checks if your child is getting the right amount of nutrients and will make further recommendations based on their findings if necessary. As your child grows older, they have a tendency to become extra picky of what they eat, and this is where pediatricians can impart their expertise about what to do so you can keep track of your child’s nutritional intake.

Coughs and Colds

While these are very common occurrences in children, it is still important that they see their pediatrician as it may lead to further spread of bacteria and virus. Remember that a child’s immune system is not yet as stabilized as that of an adult’s so they need extra care and monitoring.

Annual Physician’s Check-Up

Annual Check ups focus on so many different factors including emotional and social development, growth, mental health, immune system health and screenings from as young as 1 day old to 18 years. Regardless of their health condition, it’s highly recommendable to visit your pediatrician at least on an annual basis. This will help maintain their health and will help pediatricians spot any potential or underlying health complications from escalating further.

Blue Monarch Pediatrics: Your Child’s Health is Our Top Priority

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